Strata Report

Pre-Purchase Strata Inspection Specialist

If you are buying a unit, townhouse, or Villa then it is important to obtain a search inspection so that you become aware of information about the building that is not apparent from a visual inspection. There are also a number of factors which can have an impact on you once you become the owner and it's better to be informed about these information before purchasing so you can make an informed decision.

Our Strata Inspectors have over ten years experience in the Strata industry - previously managing buildings all over Sydney including residential, commercial, industrial and mixed schemes.

We are a family-based business endeavouring to provide a simple to understand report with information on the scheme for everyday first home owners to property investors within 48 hours of receiving an order.

The strata report lists the history of the building, all recent repairs undertaken, any disputes or areas under investigation, monies in the bank to cover repairs and maintenance and the likelihood of any special levies, as well as general information on insurance, By-Laws Harmony etc.

  • 15 Years Experience In Strata
  • Levy and Insurance Details
  • Maintenance and Repairs Histories
  • Note any Special Levies
  • Minutes Of Meeting
  • Harmony and Disputes
  • Pending Building Works
  • Funds Balances
  • Proposed Expenditure
  • By-Laws
  • Annually Budget
  • OH&S and Sinking Fund Plan
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